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Introduction: Hollywood Sign!

About: I am a curious soul with the means and ability to take over the world....but I would like to avoid any such headaches so I create to give kids with disabilities something to remember.

Another build for Camp Cranium!  One BIG Hollywood Sign.  Made from OSB board and supported by re-bar stakes about 5' long driven into the ground.  We did light the sign at night with 4  500 watt work lamps.  The sign is quite easy to setup and take down.

Step 1: Cutting the Letters

- 9 Sheets of OSB Board
- 18 - 6'-1"x2" Firring strips (Came in packs of 12 at hardware store cheap and useful)
- Wood Screws
- Drywall Screws
- 34 Screw Eyes (Make sure rebar fits through eyes)
- 16 - 5' rebar sections
- 2 - 2' rebar sections
- White Paint - We used about 2 gallons semi gloss it worked good enough
- 4 - 500watt work lamps

- Circular saw
- Jigsaw
- Tape Measure
- Carpenter Square
- Drill
- 1/16" Drill Bit
- 1/4" Drill Bit

Step 2: Cutting the Letters

All of the letters were cut 16" for the main legs of the letters with a 9" x 16" triangle cut at the exterior corners and a 3" x 5-3/16" triangle for the internal corners.  The second Picture shows the measurements for cutting the O's.  The H and L's are pretty simple to figure out.  The D is an O with two corners not cut.  The Y and W are just cut to look good I will measure and let everyone know what measurements I used. 

I used a circular saw and jigsaw to cut all letters.  Just make sure you have support under the entire letter the OSB board likes to bend during cutting.

Step 3: Frame Support

Use the 1"x2" strips to support the letters.  The strips are attached to the back of the letter with the wood screws from the front of the letter.  Make sure you always have two support strips perpendicular to the ground for the rebar supports.  Pre-drilling the supports makes the attachment much easier.  For the Y I cut the support strips to match the angles.  Marking the angles is easiest with a straight edge or carpenters square.  Place the straight edge on top of the support strip in the orientation you want the board, mark and cut.  I kept the straight edge even with the edge of the OSB board to ensure the proper angle.  The W uses all straight boards no need to cut angles.

Step 4: Mounting Harware for Standing

Use 4 screw eyes on the back of each letter (only 3 needed for each of the L's) to make a slot for the re-bar to fit into.  The screw eyes are able to slide onto the re-bar after it has been driven into the ground to help the letters stand.  This also makes it easy to take the sign down in case of bad weather or high winds.

Step 5: Standing Support Rods

You need 16 sections of long re-bar, and 2 short (for the L's)

Step 6: Paint

White Semi-Gloss Paint worked well with two coats.

Step 7: Lights!

4 - 500w work lights worked very well to light the sign at night. 
See video for Lit Sign http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_ocAOJYB6s

Step 8: Camera!

This sign was featured in several of the Camp Cranium Movies created that week.  http://www.youtube.com/user/campcranium08

Step 9: Action!

And every night the letters would mysteriously move themselves.......

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very creative, especially with the mesterious moving letters :)