Make your hologram viewer :)

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Step 1: Collect the Requirements :-

1. small scissor .

2. Slice of nylon .

3. Graph paper .

Step 2: You Must Cut the Nylon to Four Pieces With Measurements Given to You in the Pictures

Step 3: Tape the Pieces You Cut It Together Like Shown Below

Step 4: Play the Hologram Video and Put the Hologram in the Middle of the Screen Then You Must Look to the Hologram From Side, Then You Will Take a Perfect View to See the Video. Enjoyyyy

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3 years ago

Much prefer making these with nylon/plastic over CD covers. I love this effect so much I made an app (http://getholovid) for iPhone to let you play your own videos too - Hope some find it useful! Dave


3 years ago

Here is a fun twist on this:


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