Introduction: Hologram

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you might have seen hologram in movies but those can be made real by simple and cheap techniques follow these steps and bring your dreams for holograms true..............

Step 1: Step 1

first get these tools displayed in the image

1.transparent material little rigid (plastic sheets, glass etc)


3.sticking materials tape or something else as transparent

4.measuring material (rulers, tape)

Step 2: Step 2:

make a piece of paper having the base script and then make the ruler markings with mentioned measurements

then cut them out

Step 3: Step 3

then make them to look like these if glass then like in the second picture and if sheets then in the first

Step 4: Step 4

stick them with there edges fixed and make a structure alike in those pics

Step 5: Step 5

place them on your smartphone like this upright one or even in the either way

videos for these are given open source in youtube u can take them as HOLOGRAM VIDEOS and u can get them

place the design in the center to get the hologram



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    Wow! And I thought holograms weren't invented yet!

    Here is a fun twist on this:


    I've made an app for the iPhone that lets you use any video or photo on your phone's camera roll with one of these projectors. The app is called HoloVid (http://getholovid.com) !