Holographic 3D Maker by 199USD YScanner 3D Scanner

About: 3D Scanning/Holographic 3D

We have established projects of affordable 3D Scanner


and DIY Big Holographic 3D Projecter by Respberry Pi


This time, we introduce you how to make Holographic videos from 3D Scanner

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Step 1: Connet YScanner to PC

Connect YScanner to PC.with USB Cable.

Step 2: 3D Scanning

Open YScanner UI, click "Start" button to start scanning, waiting for the finishing of Scanning

Step 3: Holographic Video Creating

Click"Holographic "button to start video making , waiting...

Step 4: Holograhic Projecting by Respberry Pi

down load the video to your device,in our case, we download the video in Respberry Pi 4 and play it with the projecter.

Step 5: Normal Video Creating

Click"Normal "button to start video making , waiting...

Step 6: Anaglyph 3D Video Creating

Click"Anaglyph "button to start video making , waiting...

Step 7: VR Video Creating

Click"VR "button to start video making , waiting...

if you want to get more information,please leave your comments,or you can find it here:


Step 8: Saving As Point Cloud File

As a 3D Scanner, Certainly, you can save the scanned data as Point Cloud file, the resolution can reach to as low as 0.2mm. You can check it in the attached file.

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