@Home is a cloud service that allows you to have conversations with your house.

Befriend your house via SMS.

You can request information from your house from various sensors, send commands to actuators and get alerted when someone is in your house or you have a fire!

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Step 1: What You Need to Build the System

Intel Edison board.

Grove Temperature Sensor

Grove light sensor

Grove LCD display

PIR motion sensor

Logitech webcam

2 USB cables

1 Power cable

Step 2: Getting Started

Install the device drivers, flash the Edison board and Intel SDK IoT software.

Connect the Intel Edison board to the power source.

Connect the two USB cable from Edison board to the laptop computer.

Connect the Grove Base Shield to the Edison board.

Connect the temperature sensor, light sensor, LCD display, PIR motion sensor and Logitech webcam to the slot at the Base Shield.

Step 3: Coding

Write Javascript codes to set conditions for the sensors to send messages about the temperature, light level, any motion detected.

Create the backend to support a system for sending and receiving text messages between the phones and sensors at home via the cloud.

The text messages with questions sent from the phone are analysed with Natural Language Processing algorithm, and return a text message to the sender depending on context e.g. on temperature, light level, etc.

Step 4: Testing Sensors

1. Testing temperature: Text "What is the temperature?". The phone will receive a message like @23.6432636.

2. Testing light level: Text "Is the light on?". The phone will receive a message like "The light is on!".

3. If the light level is very bright, the phone will receive a message like "Light Sensor senses a high light level! It is at 700!"



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