Homemade Automatic Irrigation System

Hello, if you are tired of watering your large garden every day or you waste a lot of water.

This easy and cheap gadget will help you to have an extensive and beautiful garden.

Step 1: The Connection of the Waterproof Plug

-Connect the plugs

-Put Teflon on the ones on each side of the cable.

-Take a sturdy bag and cut the bottom.

-Covers the plugs with the bag [imagine you are wrapping a candy ;) ]

-And you put a clamp on top of the bag that tightens the Teflon and the cable

-Finally you put some wall brackets

Step 2: Making the Structure

You will need 3 boxes, 1 big box and 2 small boxes

-Open a hole in the bottom of the big box to pass the cables.

- Open two small holes in the large box to place the supports.

-One small box store the power supply and the other one store the control circuit

-Open a hole on the lid and place the potentiometer

-And to improve the potentiometer knob I put silicone on top

-Finally, attach the lid to the box with screws on the sides

Step 3: Making the Circuit

Make the control circuit (the images above)

(From a old 5v charger)
j1 is 5v j2 is GND

(Of the AC cable) L is line (phase 110-220) N is neutral Pump is the line (phase) of the water pump

And put the control circuit in a small box

5v charger and put it in the other small box

And put those two boxes in the big box, and the wires out through the large hole

Step 4: Soil Moisture Sensor

Solder the sensor wires to the soil moisture sensor

and put heat shrink to avoid false readings

Step 5: Related to Water

Place the water pump in the water tank

And wind the remaining cable in the water sensor holder

Place the support on the edge of the tank and adjust the height of the sensor (a little above the water pump)

The sensor warns when the water runs out to turn off the water pump and prevents it from burning

Finally locate the water hose so that it water a few centimeters from the water sensor

Step 6: More Websites About This Project

Video explaining it quickly

Link to download the files https://bit.ly/2QjhV7a

Nowty website https://nowty120100815.wordpress.com

If you want to continue publishing incredible projects that improve your quality of life, a donation could help a lot https://paypal.me/NowtyInc



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