Home Automatic Watering System



Hi everyone

This is my Home automatic watering system, you can adjust the desired humidity for your plants, this project is very useful and economical So, let's start

Step 1: Making the Circuit

You just have to get the components and assemble them as they are in the schematic circuit, in my case I changed the optocoupler and the triac for a relay, because I do not have those components, although it is not recommended because the relay has a faster wear than the opto and triac, and otherwise I changed the battery for a cell phone charger

Step 2: Water Level Sensor and Water Pump

The next step is to locate the water pump and the sensor inside a bucket, and secure it with a support, in my case use thin wire

This sensor are two simple cables, which tells us when the water runs out for blocks the irrigation to prevent our water pump from burning, these 2 elements are connected as they are in the circuit

Step 3: Soil Moisture Sensor and Water Flow

We buried the humidity sensor in the ground and put the water hose on top of the ground, we connect this sensor to the circuit

Step 4: Final

A very important thing, if you are going to leave the circuit to the interperie you must cover it, to avoid that it falls water and cause damages, and we already have our automatic irrigation system that will last us a long time

The simulation files to verify its operation https://www.instructables.com/editInstructable/edi...

One last thing, if you want me to continue creating fantastic projects on technology and do you have the ability to give me a few cents, a small donation would help me a lot https://www.paypal.me/NowtyInc

Thanks :)



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