Home Automation Using Blynk and ESP8266-01 IOT

Hello Friends, This is Anto...In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to make a simple home automation using blink application.

I have used LED to switch ON/OFF with the blynk application. for connecting the load, replace it with Relay.


I strongly suggest you to buy the components from UTSource.net. because in my experience, the quality of the products are good. and also ON TIME Delivery. If you need quality PCB, they will afford at low cost from double side to multilayer. No minimum requirement.

1) ESP Module

2) LED

3)220E Resistor

4) usb to FTDI module

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Step 1: Open Blynk App and Follow the Steps ( Follow the Picture for Reference)

1) Login with your email id

2) Select new project

3) Give a suitable name and select the ESP8266--> create

4) you get a notification that Token has been send to your email

5) select the + icon on the top

6)select button

7) give a button name if needed, select the pin to GPIO0, change the type from button to switch

8)similarly follow the step from 5 to 7 one more time.. here select the pin gpio2

9)click Run

Note:- if the esp is connected to the network you can see at the top of the screen

Step 2: Add the Blink Library

download the blink library from here


Paste it to the folder as shown in the pic ( i have mentioned there.. check the picture)

Extract the RAR file,

Step 3: Open Arduino IDE and Paste the Token From Your Email

open your email id.. you can find the mail from the blynk. copy the token and paste in the program.. i have given the program in the attachment. but you have to modify the code by pasting your token.... wifi credentials..

To know the program on your PC, i have shown the way and mark an arrow. (refer the pic)

Step 4: Connect the FTDI Connector to the PC and Download the Code

I strongly suggest you to buy a breakout board to connect the ESP module.. here i made it by my own.

connect GPIO0 to ground using jumper before downloading the code, then you have to remove it.

dont forget to select the device--->generic esp8266

com port---> comX (differs for every one)

Step 5: Connect the GPIO0 and GPIO2 to the LED Using Breadboard

connect the GPIO 0 and GPIO 2 to the led with suitable resistor ( i used 220E) and give the proper power source.

+3.3v recommended.

Step 6: Switch ON the Hardware and Control the Led Using Blynk App

Switch ON the hardware.... you have to verify that the ESP network is connected to your WIFI devices.

If ok.. touch the play button on the blynk app.. check weather any red warning at the top of the screen.. If NO... everything works as per the procedure.. touch the virtual button and switch the led using the internet..

Note: Don't forget to switch ON the data card or switch to an internet connection on the mobile

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