Home Automation Using ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module Without Internet

hello friends, This is Anto. in this tutorial, we are going to make a home automation using espmodule without internet.

i hope lot of peoples used and heard about the home automation using bluetooth. as same like that, we are going to make a home automation using ESP8266 instead o bluetooth.


I strongly suggest you to buy the components from UTSource.net. because in my experience, the quality of the products are good. and also ON TIME Delivery. If you need quality PCB, they will afford at low cost from double side to multilayer. No minimum requirement.

Arduino Uno 1 x 1

esp8266 1 x 1

4 channel Relay 1 x 1

jumper wire

ESP8266 breakout board

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Step 1: Make a Esp Breakout Board of Your Own

i strongly recommend to buy a breakout board from the online market. that is quiet convenient for you. connect the TX to RX of the arduino pin. connect RX to the TX of the arduino pin

Step 2: Connect the Relay Module to A0, A1, A2, A3 of the Arduino Board

You can also use any digital pins from the arduino and make the suitable changes in the arduino code.

connect the ESP module to arduino as i said in the previous step

Step 3: Download the Code Which I Given in the Attachment.

make a suitable changes in the code like the WIFI name, password. then download the code. before download the code, make sure that you have removed the tx and rx pin from the esp to the arduino board. after downloading the program, reconnect it.

Step 4: Open Your Playstore and Download the Socket Control Widget and Install It


Step 5: Goto the Widgets From Your Mobile and Place Socket Widget in the Home Screen and Change the Settings Given Below

I have gave the full explanation on the video. kindly download it and watch for clarification

Place the Widget in the home screen.

open the widget

give a name as light ON and corresponding for 8 widget buttons as we need. (dont confused it, watch the video)

type the following line below command FA

for next widget button for light OFF

similarly.. FC to FH you have to create

Step 6: Enable the WIFI on the Mobile, Scan the ESP Module and Connect It

Connect the esp module through wifi

give stay connect if the warning appear.

if it asked password, give your password given on the arduino code. then go to home menu

Step 7: Touch the Widget After Successful Connection, the Relay Will Be Switched ON/OFF

that the end. enjoy with the tech.

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    4 weeks ago on Step 7

    A breakoutboard for the esp8266-01 is available for a few dimes at aliexpress.com.
    Though yr project is good, I have some issues with it as it is needlessly overengi eered.
    The esp8266 is a much more powerful controller than an entire arduino. If it is just about 3 relays then forget the entire arduino as the esp8266-01 is capable of controlling 4 relays.