[Home Automation] Version 2 : Check the RFID Tag to Using Simple Web Server.



This content is Wizwiki-W7500 + RFID-RC522 + Web Server.

IDE is ARM mbed web compiler.

This project mission is Check the RFID tag to using simple web server.

Step 1: Description

- You need parts below list

1. RFID-RC5222. Wizwiki-W7500

3. Buzzer

4. Wire Cable (connect to board)

5. USB cable (Firmware download)

6. LAN Cable

- Content creation sequence

1. First, RFID-RC552 reader check

2. Second Check the RFID tag and web server

- Description

1. Wizwiki-W7500 is Arduino compatible platform. And compatible possible mbed & arduino.

And Wizwiki-W7500 main MCU is ARM cotertex-M3 + TCP/IP Stack

2. RFID-RC522

This content is use passive mode (RFID Reader). It is support 13.56Mhz frequency and 3.3V operation.

3. Web server

It is simple Web server. Please check source.

Step 2: Code & Result

First, Check this my blog. It is korean language.

Blog - https://jinheeahn.wordpress.com

- Source (Code)

Please follow bellow link


Thank you



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