Home Automation Via Bluetooth by Phone With Arduino



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First of all I made my own script to control the relays but for that i have to use the terminal to type the commands and 2nd option is the voice control but its not working accurately.So i i ifound arduino to bluetooth app which is very good and easy to operate.In this project i have used 4 channel relay module so i can control the 4 things for my phone but app can handle up to 8 channel.I have used HC-05 bluetooth module and arduino pro mini

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Step 1: Components

In this project i have used

1. 4 channel relay module

2. bluetooth module

3. arduino pro mini

4. old router 5v 1 amp adapter

5.plastic box

6. few wires

Step 2: Circuit

the circuit is very easy and simple as shown in the image

Bluetooth to arduino

RX --> 10

TX --> 11



Step 3: Code

as i mentioned on intro page i made my own code but to utilized it is very complicate by the voice command accuracy and terminal window typing so i have used app and i have to used its code app name(bluetooth control lamp)

the code is attached

link to my blog : http://neeldesai123.wixsite.com/neeltechtrix

Step 4:

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