Home Automation With Jetpack

Hi, this is a simple home automation system with Jetpack shield. We have added a relay module to the shield, to build a basic home automation system. With the app given below you turn ON or OFF a bulb with your smartphone. We did this as part of our kickstarter calledJetpack a wireless programing Bluetooth shield+motor driver shield for Arduino.You can almost automate anything with a smartphone and a Bluetooth module, if you don't have a Jetpack you can use your own substitutes.

Imagine how difficult would it be to re-program this setup if implemented at home. This is where Jetpack comes in handy, you can change your program wirelessly any time! No need to unplug everything.

Got 750% funded on Kickstarter! We are amazed by this response and so jet pack is now available for pre-order on http://www.jetpackshield.com/

Materials required

  • Jetpack (Bluetooth shield)
  • Arduino
  • Smartphone witht Bluetooth

Step 1: Connect All the Wires As Shown and Upload Program

You can use any HC05 for this.

Power your Aduino with a 5v adapter and program it. Once mounted on the wall, you can easily re-program it with Jetpack!

The code is given here

Step 2: Install Bluetooth Control 8 Lamp App Have Fun!

You can download the app from app store Bluetooth Control 8 Lamp app



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