Home Automation (for Beginners) With Arduino and Bludrinodroid (DEPRICATED)

About: I like to create new things! I'm very interested in IOT and just Internet Stuff. I am not responsible for any injury or deaths caused by my projects.

This is a great project for beginners at home automation. The Bludrinodroid is a awesome app that not many people know about and id great for beginners all the way to professionals. I hope you enjoy the project!!

Step 1: The Parts

The parts you will need are:

1) an Arduino

2) a Bluetooth Device

3) some type of led

4) an android device

5) arduino ide

Step 2: Programming

This is very easy I already made it just click Here

Step 3: Build

Just add the Bluetooth device and light to pin 12 and ground

Step 4: Install the App

Click here for the direct link or here works too.

Step 5: Connect to the Arduino Through the App

and choose pin 1 (this is what i choose to control it) and watch the light turn on and off

Step 6: Enjoy



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