Home Away From Home

Introduction: Home Away From Home

I am 19 and a sophomore at Eastern Michigan University living in a house with 12 other girls close to campus. I am currently unemployed since I lost my campus job due to University budget cuts. Being that I am financially independent, it is now hard for me to pay for rent and tuition, let alone buy decor and storage for my bedroom. Since I am an interior design major, it is hard for me to go to the store seeing so many cute, interesting things that I could buy to design my room, when I know I can’t and have to stay on budget. I always like to keep a positive outlook tho, in hopes that my luck will soon turn around. A bedroom should be a haven, a home away from home, and with living an hour away from home, it would be nice to have a space here that makes me feel just as comfortable and happy. If I won this contest I would be so grateful. With the help of IKEA I could create that kind of warm comfortable space that brings me closer to home, and would be able to purchase necessities that I can keep with me as I move from place to place for the remainder of my young adult life.

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