Home (Bed) Theater - Minimalist/3D Printed Bed Theater

So you need a TV in your bedroom? This was the answer I came up with for our bedroom. It is made of 3D printed parts and some simple hardware.

If it works for you, I would love to see what you come up with.

If you wouldn't mind voting for me, I'd appreciate that too.

Step 1: The Bed That Makes All This Possible

So this is our bed. My wife is great at making it a relaxing place for us, but there is no TV in sight. So that is where this Instructable comes in.

Step 2: Minimalist Projector Mount

So the projector I used was a very economical one:

UNIC UC40+ LCD Projector - US PLUG BLACK http://www.gearbest.com/projector/pp_275984.html

I recently saw an instructable on how to make 3D printed parts even more useful and stable in assemblies: (Thanks to Adamgw)


So I printed simple parts that would hold the corners of the unit, making sure i cleared all the cord and button accesses. The top of each piece has 2 holes printed in each direction, big enough to accept these inserts. (4 inserts per corner piece)


Also, printed a two piece support for attachment to the bed (4 inserts per support). Standard 1/4-20 bolts to put the two together.

Corresponding All Thread:


Make the sides first and fit it to the projector. (Make sure the center portions are at about the same point between the corners. Doesn't have to be centered to work, but is probably the best way to go.)

Put the all-thread (going left and right) to make the full rectangular structure of the mount.

Feel free to trim the all thread once you have fit it all together, I chose not to.

Step 3: Minimalist Projector Mount

The mount for the screen is very similar to the attachment pieces of the projector mount. I just extend them and put a recessed portion so that I could insert 1/8" aluminum into them with the proper holes to support the screen. Installed the aluminum with superglue.

The screen:


(Full Disclosure: I used one I already had, but I think this one would work)

One mistake I made was making these both slots. One should have been a slot and one should have just been a hole. The winding mechanism is on one side, one side just rotates.

Step 4: Mount It and Enjoy Your Home (Bed) Theater

Projector Mounted.

Screen Mounted.

Screen Down.

TV on.



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    2 years ago

    This is a pretty cool idea, and I've never seen anything quite like it. Perfect if you watch a lot of tv in bed! :)