Home Brew Beer Crates From Pallets!

Introduction: Home Brew Beer Crates From Pallets!

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Here is another handy thing to do with those old pallets.

With home brew beer crates it is better to use hard wood pallets, they will stand up better to being wet when cleaning bottles etc and will take a long time to rot out and fail.

I like to give the pallets a water-blast and then leave them outside in a side standing position in the sun for a few weeks to get any residue that may be on them off.
If the pallets look like they have any chemical staining on them use them for other projects... you want to try to make sure you are dealing with untreated clean hardwood pallets.

This is a super quick inscrutable and they are built rustic, took me around 2hrs to build 4x crates, you could spend a little more time putting extra time into sanding and tidy workmanship but these are for practical use not ascetics.

Lets get started.

Step 1: Tools & Tips Woking With Pallets

Tools you will need:
Pallet pull apart tool.

Grinder: with thin cutting disc
Drop saw (quickest) or skill saw etc
Drill, drill bit and screws.
Measuring tape.


With your pallet pulling tool you might need to make it a little more heavy duty like mine for pulling apart hardwood pallets!
Project here on how to make one:


Removing nails from pallets takes ages, just use a grinder with a thin cutting disc and chop them off and leave the head where it is.

Step 2: Construction.

Once you have all your bits of wood with nails cut off work out the size of your crate.

From scratch set up all your bottles to get your measurements, not forgetting to add the thickness of your timber to the measurements.

Mine are for holding 15x 1.5L bottles so measurements for bits of wood to be cut for each crate as follows:
For left, right and bottom 500mm x9
Front and back 300mm x6
Uprights 350mm x4

A tip when cutting tons of the same length board is to cut one at the correct length, then use that as a template to mark the rest as your cutting, when cutting cut off the mark and you will have the same length every time... saving getting out your measuring tape for every cut.

Once all cut pre-drill all the spots where your screw is going as they are close to the edge and you dont want the wood to split.

Then throw them all together... very self explanotory by looking at pictures of the finished crates : )

Then fill with bottles, fill with beer, store and drink!

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    4 years ago

    If you use a reciprocating saw to cut the pallets apart, you avoid the extra grinder cutting step. Just saying...


    Two things I love to do, brew (and drink) beer. Make stuff out of pallets. I am just setting up my "brewery" in our little guest house and was thinking about a design for beer crates. Thanks so much for sharing. I will post a picture of mine!