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Introduction: Home Brew Bulk Priming With a 20 Litre Cube

Bulk priming is mixing priming sugar into the whole brew  in a separate container just prior to bottling.

Bulk priming vs putting a measure of sugar into each bottle is debated by some home brewers:

Advantage of bulk priming :
  • Even amount of sugar in the brew regardless of bottle size
  • You can prime with dextrose or malt which is too messy and fizzy for spooning into individual bottles.
  • Quicker? Thats debatable..Less fiddly, that's for sure.
  • Get all the beer off the yeast cake in one go so your last bottles are not "scraping the bottom of the barrel".
  • Risk of aerating the beer.
  • Risk of contaminating beer.
The key idea that I came up with was to:
bottom fill the 20 litre cube right to the top so that:
  • Beer is not aerated 
  • Close the cap and tap on the cube once its full and it can be gently inverted to ensure good sugar mixing.
  • Can be moved to a convenient bottling location without risking stirring up the yeast.
  • Only the inside of your transfer tube need be sanitized.
  • Cubes are easy to sanitize by shaking a bit of sanitizer around inside it.
  • I put 180 grams of dextrose(glucose) boiled in 500ml of water into the cube first.
  • Make sure you brew a little over 20 litres of beer. 
  • I used a "food grade" water hose from a boat equipment company (Whitworths in Australia)
  • Tissue over airlock hole to reduce dust sucking in. 
  • The tap on the cube was slightly rotated up while filling and it didn't seem to affect the seal.

P. S - I now think 180g of dextrose is too much. I haven't tested it but 100g would be better. Will update how it turns out later.

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    2 Discussions


    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    Trying this method but didn’t read your after thought until I had already added the sugar. Am I going to have a super fizzy beer now?


    4 years ago

    I like this idea. I'm just about to start another brew so I'll try this. Thanks