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Introduction: Home Hacks : Serving Tray

In this post I had made a tray. Sometimes when we invite friends or relatives to our home for dinner or lunch, we find that something missing or something to serve is broken at the last moment when they are reaching to our home.

I had got this idea of making this instructables from this incidents, if something is missing we can find a solution for it.

So , here I had made Serving tray with the help of cardboard box lid.

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Step 1: Materials Used

  1. Cardboard box Lid
  2. Scissor
  3. Scale
  4. Glue
  5. Pencil
  6. Color sheet
  7. Thermocol cutter
  8. Talc sheet

Step 2:

First of all take a cardboard box lid of normal tray size

To make it strong we need to make some cutting & pasting

Step 3:

So, to make it strong we can use the box itself. We need to make the side and the bottom of the lid strong so that it can hold two three cup of tea easily.

To make it strong add small pieces to the side and the bottom.

Step 4:

Paste small pieces to the side and floor/bottom of the lid.

To make small pieces& bottom floor of the tray, use the cardboard box. Cut pieces from the cardboard box itself

Step 5:

Next is to make lid attractive so that it fells like a tray. And to make it strong or water proff.

So to make it look good, paste color paper(with plastic coating) to bottom and side of the lid, if you don't have paper with plastic you can put talc sheet on the paper (it is optional)

If you want to make it more attractive you can find good design from internet and print it out & paste it to tray

Step 6:

Finally it is ready to serve

Step 7: Different Types of Tray Design That Can Be Made

You can use your creative and innovative ideas to make it

Different pattern or design trays can be made , sides can be cut to make a holder if required.

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