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Introduction: Home Improvement : Providing Sliding Doors for Kitchen Cupboard

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During constructing our home, we kept recesses and openings in walls for providing cupboards and sliding doors at a latter stage. In the partition wall between dining and kitchen, we kept an opening of 4 feet x 5 feet, which was partitioned horizontally at 15 inches vertical intervals. Things can be taken placed and taken out on both sides from the opening.

We have decided to make a sliding door on both sides of the opening so that this will make a nice looking closed cupboard.

Please see the pictures above. The first two pictures are of the completed cupboard and the last two pictures show how it looked earlier. Please also watch the video to see how the sliding doors can be smoothly operated in the cupboard.

Step 1: Take Measurements

As these types of sliding doors can not be made without proper equipment, we contracted an outside agency dealing with this type of construction. They have taken the exact measurements of the opening so that the entire structure can be fabricated at their workshop and then installed at the opening

The structure will consist of two main frames, one for each side. Each frame will be provided with two glass sliding doors with aluminium frame. The sliding doors will have micro-rollers on top and bottom for easy movement. Each main frame will consist of two aluminium channels on all sides for sliding the doors individually to the entire length of the frame work.

Step 2: The Fabricated Parts

The sliding doors and frame work have been fabricated in the workshop and brought to our home.

You can see the 4 pieces of sliding doors in the first picture. the second picture shows one main frame placed at the opening. The "L" shaped will clamps will be fitted on top and bottom for holding the framework in place.

The team also brought their own tools and equipment

Step 3: Mark and Fix "L" Clamps

  • The team started work first on the front side facing the dining
  • The main framework has been placed in position and marked on the existing wall
  • Using a hand drilling machine, holes have been drilled at marked locations
  • The "L" clamps have been fitted at top and bottom with rawl plugs inserted in the holes

Step 4: Fitting the Glass Doors in Frame

  • The pair of sliding doors have to be fitted with the main frame before installing it at the opening. The team carried out the task and made necessary adjustments before installing.

Step 5: Fitting the Framework on Dining Room Side

The team started working on the dining room side first.

  • The frame work with sliding doors has been lifted and placed in position
  • The alignment of the assembly has been checked and adjusted with a plumb line.
  • Necessary holes on the framework has been drilled with respect to the holes on the "L" clamps
  • The frame work has been finally clamped in position with screws on all sides

Fitting of framework with sliding door is completed on the dining room side

Step 6: Fitting the Assembly on Kitchen Side

The same procedure for fitting the assembly on dining room side has been followed on kitchen side also

  • Placing the Framework and marking
  • Drilling holes for the "L" clamps
  • Fixing "L" clamps with rawl plugs at required positions
  • Lifting the framework and placing in position
  • Adjusting the alignment with plumb line
  • Fitting the framework assembly in position

Now the sliding door assembly on both sides have been completed

Step 7: Sealing the Sides of Sliding Door Assembly

  • After the fitting the sliding door assembly, both sides of framework in contact with walls have been sealed with Silicone Sealant. This will prevent entry of dust and insects inside the sliding cupboard from the sides

Step 8: Locking Arrangement

The pair of sliding doors have also been provided with locking mechanism, which is different from other kind of normal locks

  • The lock with key is fitted on the outer sliding door.The inner door consists a hole fitted with other part of the lock at the precious location.
  • Close both the doors completely and just press the lock. The outer door gets locked with the inner door
  • For opening the cupboard, twist the key and the lock slides out, opening the cupboard

Step 9: The Completed Cupboard With Sliding Doors

Please see the above pictures showing views of the completed cupboard with sliding doors from dining room side as well from the kitchen side.

Also watch the video in the introductory part of this instructable which shows the easy movement of sliding doors in the cupboard.

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    2 years ago

    Such a lovely and simple fix to make sure that all your glassware and dinnerware is protected from dust when you've put them all back in the cupboards!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you very much..