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Introduction: Home Made Batteries

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In this i will show you how to make a batterie using



LED Christmas lights

And a Lemon

Step 1: Get Five Pennies From 2007-2013

Step 2: Sand Four of the Pennies on One Side of the Pennie

Sand it until one side on the Pennie until it looks silver.

Step 3: Cut Out Four Thin Cardboard Circles Smaller Than the Pennie

Step 4: Cut a Lemon in Half and Soak the Cardboard in It

It will only work wiring a fresh lemon. Lemon juice won't work.

Step 5: Put It Together

Put the Pennies like this...

Coper side up
Coper side up
Coper side up
Coper side up
Normal Pennie

Step 6: Get a LED Christmas Light

To get one off of the chord pull off the tab on the side.

Step 7: Take Out the LED Light

Pull the metal prongs down and pull off the plastic/glass tip off.

Step 8: Put One Prong on the Zinc and One Prong on the Copper

The zinc looks silver. Once you do this the light should glow.

Step 9: Thanks : )

Thanks for reading : )



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    each of the cell with a penny and cardboard produce 0.5- 0.8 volts, so if three penny is used it will produce a total of 2- 2.5 volts.

    Good work bro

    Oops i will fix that

    Did it work for you