Home Made Book Covers



Introduction: Home Made Book Covers


get a white varnish paper (bigger enough to cover the book).

colors(better if you can find fabric paint)

small basin to mix the colors.

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Step 1: Choose a Color

choose a color according to the subject of your book.

I choose black.

add some water (a bottle lid of water)

Step 2: Here We Are

squeeze a normal paper

put the squeezed paper in to the color basin and apply the color well to it .

Step 3: It's Tooooo Easy

keep your colored squeezed paper in a pattern on the white varnish paper

every where,,,,,every where,,,,,every where.....every where!!!!!

Step 4: Cover the Books and Be Unique

if you want to know how to cover any type of book in 3 minutes,

I will guide you in another instructable.

Step 5: You Can Try These Also

and send me!!!! :) ;-}

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