Home Made Car With Camera




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This a amazing home made car very simple to make, & I place my mobile on it to record video while this car is running,

Please see the amazing video recorded by my car while riding.


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Step 1: Please See the Video First

Please see the amazing video recorder by my car while running

This video contain whole step by step procedure how to make this

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Step 2: Material Required

This are the following material required to make this car

  1. DV motor with battery pin
  2. ON/OFF Switch
  3. Rubber band
  4. 9V battery
  5. Some candy sticks
  6. Wheels of old toy
  7. Some piece of galvanized wire with lugs

along with this we need some pieces of wires and double side tape to stick parts together

once your chassis became ready then you can place small camera or your mobile phone on it to record video.

Step 3: Procedure

Lets see hoe to make this

It is advisable to once watch video for better understanding and idea.

  1. bring wheel set from old toy.
  2. cut two piece of galvanized wire of approx 7 to 8 cm.
  3. fix ring type lugs at both end of wire.
  4. now pass wheel axle through the lugs so that front wheel and rear wheel get connect with that lugs wire.
  5. now cut some piece (3 piece) of candy stick the length of candy stick piece is little smaller than the distance between two wheel of same axle.
  6. now glue this stick on the wire to prepare a platform like structure.
  7. on this platform you have to mount DC Motor, battery etc.
  8. now fix a small pulley to the motor shaft.
  9. fix a rubber band from axle pulley to motor shaft pulley
  10. fix motor on platform whit proper tension on rubber band
  11. now fix a battery
  12. and wire a ON / OFF switch

Please go through the attached image for better understanding

in this way your car is ready now you can place a small camera or mobile on this car, camera will record the video while car is running, you can also include some WiFi video transmission to transmit real time video.

let see some wiring details

Step 4: Wiring Detail

Please see the image of wiring detail.

Thanks for your attention friends
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    fs woodworking

    2 years ago

    Looks nice but I can not find the video. Please let me know because I really want to see a footage taken with it...

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