Home Made Compound Bow and Cross Bow Target




Introduction: Home Made Compound Bow and Cross Bow Target

These are two Bow Targets I have made for less than $60.00

The smaller one is made from a card board box filled with Styrofoam, and Great Stuff expandable foam.  The exterior is wrapped on Canvas and then covered in Duct Tape.  Black tape as the bottom layer and then orange, silver and zebra for the targets.

The larger target is also a cardboard box, filled with a heavy sand bag stuffed with old clothes and surrounded by Styrofoam and Great Stuff exandable foam.  Wrapped in Duct Tape.

They both stop arrows without complete pass through at 10 yards with a 60 pound compound bow and at 15 yards for the compound bow and a 150 pound cross bow. 

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Lorddrake, not sure if you got my comment reply or maybe you got multiples, new to this site and appear to be having some trouble replying?

    Does a reply to a comment also post to the page or just to the person who commented?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I am curious as to durability. How long have you had the targets? How much have you used them? How are the targets holding up?