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Introduction: Home Made Grape Jelly/jam

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I am so lucky to have my own little grape vine and since it is pretty full it's time to preserve some of the delicious grapes!

It is actually really easy, just do it the way gran did ;O)

What you will need:

* grapes (you can buy some too, of course)

* a pot

* a sieve

* a spatula

* Mint, vanilla (optional)

* sugar (optional)

* lemon (optional)

* mason jars or bottle with lid (can be reused form a milk bottle or juice bottle if the lid is metal, I did)

* patience

Step 1: Ok Let's Start...

If you have grapes on a vine like I do, you'll have to harvest them first => cut them off with some scissors and wash them, then de-stem them.

No need to take the seeds out, they contain many healthy minerals and vitamins it would be a shame to chuck them out. If you really fancy CLEAR jelly, then you will need to de-seed them AND peel them. Or buy seedless grapes ;)

Step 2: Blend It Baby & Sieve It

One you are done with the washing, just blend all the grapes with a food processor, blender or if you do not have any gadgets, you can just squeeze them with your hands or (clean) feet.

Put the whole mash into your sieve with a bowl underneath and use a spatula to push the juice through it. You will end up with the seeds and skins in the sieve. You can use that to fertilize your garden plants or throw it out.

Step 3: Boil Them All

The juice you end up with you put in your pot, adding the juice of one lemon (this is optional). In the background of the picture you see my bottle that I will use for the jelly, I put it in another pot with water, filled half way, to sterilize it, since it had different juice in it b4. You do not need to do that, just make sure your containers are CLEAN!

My grapes are really sweet as they are and I do not want to use sugar, so I didn't to help the jelly to harden I add the lemon, since it has lots of pectin. E.g. apples do too and you'll need less sugar or non (just need to boil it longer). Anyhow, if you want your jam/jelly be harder and more jam like, you 'll need to use sugar, usually 50/50 so if you have 1kg of grapes use 1kg of sugar, usually 2:1 ratio is enough, so 1kg of fruit and 0.5.kg of sugar should do the trick. Or use agar agar or gelatin.

If you do so you'll add all the ingredients now and start stirring and simmering the jam/jelly for at least 15mins. CAUTION: use a high pot, the liquid will rise when boiling and wills tart producing foam (this is what we want, once foam is producing we are ready to bottle).

Keep kids away from the stove, hot marmalade on top of them is no fun!!

Step 4: Bottle/jar It!

Once the foam has produced, turn off your oven. Now it's time for seasoning. I love mint and it's fresh from the garden too, so I added that as well as some vanilla. I have used basil and other herbs before, just try things out, cooking should be fun!

Then pour everything in your preferred containers. In my case the bottle, put the cap on, seal tight and turn the bottle around immediately and let it rest on it's head till cooled down (this will seal it properly).

If you use sugar and make a more jam like version, mason jars or any container out of glass with an appropriate lid will do, you can re-use jars from bought jam, for example.

That's it. Pretty simple really. What you can use the jam for is pouring it into Popsicle molds and you'll have a very healthy ice-snack for summer ;O)

I hope you liked this Instructable, sorry about the sometimes wonky pics, I am home alone and had to use my table....

Open to any questions etc.and maybe some of you might want to vote for me too (big smile on my face).
Have a great day!

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    3 years ago

    Very interesting. I've never seen white grape jelly before. This is helpful because I plan on making jelly for the first time this fall. Well done.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you ;O)
    If you do it it the first time, I do recommend to use some sugar OR you can use chia seeds as well to thicken things up, if you don't want the extra sugar. Also as mentioned, if you just queeze the juice out of the grapes without blending them, you'll get a much clearer jello. ALSO: you can add some white wine (and a pinch of cinnamon), to make the whole thing a little more "Fancy":
    Have fun with it!Hope it will work out!!