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I've kept a group of hens for a few years now and have found that if I keep my girls happy, they will keep me happy by producing tasty eggs. So as well as keeping them fed and watered they also like the opportunity to take a bath, a dust bath!

This instructable gives you an idea of how to turn unwanted pallets into a happy hen dust bath!


Step 1: Gathering Materials

So for this dust bath you will need 3-4 pallets of the same size. That's basically all you need other than wood screws and hand tools.

Step 2: The Strip Down

So you need to select the best pallet that you have and keep it to one side. This will be used as the main frame for the bath. With the rest of the pallets carefully strip them down so you have the straight boards ready to be used again.

Oh also with the pallet you have saved you need to remove the centre boards and blocks. Leave the outer ones in place.

Step 3: Rearranging

Now you're all set to arrange the boards on the base and sides of the pallet you saved. Just space them and cut them to suit. All pallets are different so yours may be slightly different dimensions to the ones I used. Same principle though.

Step 4: Fill With Dirt!!

Now you have your bath all that's left to do it to fill it with dirt and let the hens at it. Eventually I'll make a tarpaulin cover to keep the dirt dry so that the hens have access to dry dirt all year round.



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    1 year ago

    I heard the best mix is D.E. (edible type), builders sand and a little dirt


    Reply 2 years ago

    ash and play sand sound interesting can you tell me more about it, whats the ratio you use


    Reply 2 years ago


    Builders sand is cheaper and works as well, we just used play sand from the kids sandbox since we had it on hand. Also diatomaceous earth will kill pests and is an important part of the mix. Be sure it is the kind for livestock feed and not for pools. Equal parts of each, but not an exact science..


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Your cats will thank you for this with a much appreciated gift.


    5 years ago

    Yeah once it's filled with dirt and then hens are in I'll add more pictures. I was a little bit impatient and wanted to upload this straight away lol


    5 years ago

    Good work sir, fine use of a few pallets and a good write up too! May your chickens play in the dirt happy!