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Step 1: Start Making a Knife

First you need
• scrap metal about 5mm thick
• drill
• grinder or drop swore
• chalk

Step 2: Mark the Blade Out

I already cut some teeth out on the blade then marked it out. Dont worry if you make a mistake the chalk rubs out

Step 3: Cut It Out

When cutting it out have a tape near by because of the heat !

Step 4: Final Step !

Cut out the back piece of metal and drill some holes in it. You put the hopes in it for when you make a Handel so the adhesive sticks better for a super strong bound. If you want the blade to be painted paint it now before putting the Handel on

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago

    A Mapp gas torch will not provide enough heat required for hardening steel unless done with a forge and a very small knife.


    5 years ago

    Yeah bud i did but forgot lol to add it i put it in thinners and light it then used map gas on it


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Well... this acually just did the first step: you have a blank now
    There is quite a long way to go to turn a blank into a knife.
    First of those (in iportance) is heat treating the blade


    5 years ago

    Just so u know the holes in the tang are actually supposed to hold pins for your handle. You might also want to adjust the angle oc your bevel it looks a little steep