Home Made Lotus Pond

Introduction: Home Made Lotus Pond

"Just like the lotus we have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world"

Making a pond was not easy before.....But now anybody can make this Pond, Very easily with simple materials and without more effort...

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Step 1: Materials Required


1) Plastic Curtain like car cover(Note: Make sure that the curtain does not have any leakage)


1)only one thing Spade.

Step 2: Make Everything Ready

Step1 Make a circular dig of your size or you can make a square pond.(NOTE Make Sure that curtain which you have purchased fits the Pond properly

Step2 Now put on the curtain.

Step3 Now cover the extra part of the curtain with mud

Step4 Now you can bring a lotus plant.If you find any lotus pond just take a stem with the root

step5 Main thing is lotus Plant grows in the dirty water. So put all cow dungs in it, don't put so much because you may spoil the look of the pond

Step6 Fill water inside the pond

Step7 Take the plant , Keep it in the center of the pond. If required take some stones to balance the plant

Step8 Fill the pond with the water until the root of the plant is submerged.

Step9 Within some weeks you will feel some changes in the plant.

Step10 Your pond is ready

Step 3: Decorations‎

And Now You Can Even Decorate your pond like the above image

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