Home Made Model Steam Boat - Part I

This instructable is a date back memory, the main theme of this instructable not on the boat but on the steam engine, scrap built by tin can and brass tubing, no plan and no more, major tools were hack saw and soldering iron (must be very hot one), first check on the videos and the engine will be on part II.

The first video was engine test, I pour water into tin can boiler then fill industrial alcohol, then start fire, when steam came out, I start the engine by turning the flywheel. Model boat from free plan, no reverse and no speed control, boiler doesn't build up much pressure, no need to control except steering.

Step 1: Pond Test

This video shown you the real speed compared with the beside motor boat, as a modeler would you accept the turtle speed? Well it was actually moving as I paid every effort to make it moves, so I can cheat myself that I enjoy the process but not the performance.

Hope you like it, next part I will break down and show you the steam engine.



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