Home Made Parachute

About: Husband and Father of two crazy boys

Hi, I was playing with my kid and his toys and I remembered some parachutes I used to make and I made this one for him, he loved it! I hope you can enjoy it too.

Step 1: Materials

The materials you need are.

  1. Scissors.
  2. Plastic bag.
  3. Needle and thread.
  4. Marker.
  5. Toy.

Step 2: Circle

The bag that I'm using is a medium plastic bag for garbage.

1. First fold the bag in half from the open part of the bag to the close side.

2 Grab a corner of the bag that has the open and close part and fold it to the other side to make a triangle.

3. Fold 2 times more from the same side.

4. Mark a semicircle in the bag where you're going to cut. Make sure tu cut where it includes all cut a part of the bag.

5. CUT with scissors.

Step 3: Mark

Unfold the bag and you'll have a semicircle with some nice cuts, mark the corners from both sides and unfold, now you have a circle with the marks to insert the thread.

Step 4: Sew

Now you'll need as many threads as corners you have, mine are 16, it has to be always a pair number. The size of the threads has to be all the same, make them a little bigger than the diameter of the parachute.

Insert the threads in the marks and make a knot, to make it harder to break you can put a little scotch tape in the hole before sewing it.

Repeat the same with all the threads.

Step 5: Tie

Tie all the threads to the toy and enjoy throwing it to the air!



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