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Introduction: Home Made Rc Trailer

About: Me and my daughter just tincker together, and figured we'd share them with a crowd that may enjoy them like instructables.

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my sons trailer pull!

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Step 1: Parts List

1- motor driver

2- 2- 4 speed worm gearbox

3- 4- useable wheels

4- steel rod

5- square tubing

6- thin sheet of wood

7- 2- Thread spools

8- threaded rod

9- Nuts and bots

10- welder

11- black paint

Step 2: Deciding Size

So when you start you wanna consider what your carrying, For my trailer it was my bobcat and the electronics that run my lift gate. My bobcat is 24"Lx12 1/2"W. i gonna need the trailer to be slightly wider and longer for my electronics. so i went with a 38"LX14"W Now let's build.

Step 3: Welding

When it comes to material i am using 1/8 square steel tubing for the frame, i cut my lengths and welded them. I added steel rod going across for bracing and also i needed a way to lay my bed.

Step 4: Lift Gate

My lift gate is made with 1/2 flat stock and some diamond gate, welded together , sprayed black and connectted with threaded rod. The gate tentioner is just a small piece of square tube and a steel thread spool from a sewing machine, wleded to the trailer.

Step 5: Wheels

For my trailer i'm using four old tonka truck wheels i had from a old project. They are connect with steel rods and end caps.

Step 6: Trailer Hitch

My hitch is simply a Large washer and some square tubbing welded and sprayed black.

Step 7: Winch System

The winch system are two tamiya worm gearbox, i connected another steel thread spool, string and ran it straight down the edge of thr trailer.

Step 8: Recycled Rc Motor Controller

I canablized a old kids rc escavader, put it in a clear plastic case. Hot glued all wiring around the case and connected to my trailer. now i use that remote controll and i have a few other channels for lights.

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    2 years ago

    love the servo drop gate idea and used it on my axial 6x6 bed to pull my ramps out and down to load or unload my drift car. Used 1 HD servo that pulls out the ramp and the other to pull up and in the ramp. Thx for the idea and the only cut I had to do was add 2 small pulleys to give the servos a little more pulling power and it alsi made it very fluid.