Home Made Rose Water



-Rose water has multiple benefits.It can be used for beautiful glow of your skin.It moisturises skin giving refreshed look

-It reduces puffiness under eyes when dipped with cotton ball and applied

-It also acts as a wonder in make up removing and nourishing skin.Mix few drops of cconut oil with rose water on cotton pad and cleanse your face

-For stress relieve have a rose scented bath

Step 1: Collect Rose Petals

-Collect fresh rose flowers,remove petals and rinse them under running water

Step 2: Add Water and Simmer

-Add very little water to cover the petals and put on stove top at a very low flame for 20 minutes

-After 20 minutes color of petals will be reduced and we can see colored rose water.

Step 3: Strain

-Strain using strainer and collect in small jar.

Step 4: Store in Refrigerator

-Store rose water in refrigerator.



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