Home Made Saturn V

Introduction: Home Made Saturn V

A homemade Saturn V....I dont know how to Make Pics so yea...

Step 1: Step 1-The Capsule

Every good Rocket needs a capsule.Take a Cube shaped Box.Pain it(or cover it -_-)White.My capsule doesnt have a top,but go ahead,add a top.REASON WHY I DONT HAVE A TOP TO MY CAPSULE:So I can Get in...Yea,simple.


Step 2: Step 2-Instramental Panel

Here are Certian Steps for the instramental panel.

STEP 1a-Map
Draw a map of Earth and mark where you are
STEP 1b-Light Swith,Fuse Box,and Range Saftey
Light switch:Cut out a half circle and glue it to a rectangle piece of cut out paper,then glue it to the panel.Fuse Box:cut out a square of
paper covering the panel,then draw wires then take the leftover square and write fuse on it.Range Safty:Draw a button that says self sestruct.

Step 3: Step 3-Lunar Service Module(LSM)


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    6 years ago on Introduction

    To take pics in KSP just push F1, it takes a screenshot and puts it in folder called Screenshots. Each one is numbered in order of taking.