Home Made Security Alarm

This a simple but affective burglar alarm... It's messy right now but full proof! I will be coming out with a second and more cleaned up version of this alarm soon that will require only one or two more parts and be just as simple.

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Step 1: Supplies (Not All Supplies Are Pictured)

Electrical and or duct tape An alarm or buzzer(found at a local RadioShack) Two paper clips A chip clip or clothes pin Connecting wire with various lengths A 9 volt batter Something to hold the wire to your battery And a card board square

Step 2: Building the Switch

Take the two paper clips and tape them on either side of the chip clip as shown. Attach a wire from the battery to one paper clip and a wire from buzzer to the other paper clip.

Step 3: Finishing Up

When you have the chip clip closed it will ring. Place the cardboard between the chip clip. Be creative on how you sound the alarm... When the cardboard is yanked from between the clip it will sound... I attached the cardboard to my door and tied a string to the clip so that when the door opens it will yank the clip and sound the alarm.

Step 4: Final Product

I know it's messy but remember I will clean it up and add some nifty tool and parts in on it to make it more effective in my 2nd model.

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    6 years ago

    When u goin to make the next one


    6 years ago



    6 years ago

    Thanks for the great idea. Any other ideas for triggering the alarm

    perhaps develop a security system to accompany it, some extra door alarms, a method to wire them together to a central hub and maybe some detterents/defences to be triggered by the alarms.