Home Made Solar Power System




Introduction: Home Made Solar Power System

About: I'm 15, I'm into lots of things like solar power, fourwheeling, survival, prepping, and anything outside really! I love to come up with my own products/electronics/ideas from other things I've taken apart an...

I really wanted to try out solar power. I decided to make this. Ive put the whole thing in my lockers in my room.

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Step 1: Parts

2x 5watt mono-crystalline solar panels
1x 12/24 volt, 10amp solar charge controller
Any gauge wire, length depends on what you need.
Batteries: i have 2x 4.5amp at 12 volts and one 8amp at 12 volts.
Inverter(for powering other things)( i think mine is 140watt continuous and 250 watt peak)
12 volt cigarette lighter sockets
Lights or what you are going to power

Step 2: Construction

I first bought 1 of the panels, the charge controller and the wire. I made brackets for the solar panels from whatever i had laying around. I made a steak for them and put them on the side of our house that gets the most sun(which is really important) i started out with a little 1800mah battery(shown in picture 1), as you would expect it didnt last long. I soon bough another one. It was the 8amp one( i got the 2 4.5amp batteries out of my old scooter. I then ran the wire from the solar panels throunf my window, under the edge of my carpet and to my solar controller. I hooked my batteries up and then hooked up the cigarette lighter sockets and plug the inverter in through one of the two. I let the batteries charge up and have been running lights and fans and charging whatever. If you have any questions leave a comment.

Step 3: Updates!


I have since added many updates to my solar! I added a light in the battery compartment, have a second,bigger inverter, lots of lights and other cool things! I use this now to power my small led tv in my room, charge my electronics, run fans, an even run some ac lights! Oh yah, and I used it to run my alarm clock too. I also added a panel that I have switches on so I can easily disconnect any thing I have hooked up. If I add anything to the system, I simply add more switches to the plastic board! I added a wireless receiver and remote also so I can turn on a few of the lights with a remote!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I don't have access to the roof either but that's ok I'm moving soon.


    6 years ago

    If you don't have a yard you can always spend a little extra and buy some roof mounts! I woul recomend this too! You can get more sun as long as there are no trees blocking the sun on your roof!