Home Made Survival Knife



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Ok so I already made this knife but if this gets enough likes I will make a tutorial on it. But I will tell you the steps.
Step 1: find a pocket knife with a removable blade.
Step 2: find a suitable handle not to big not to small.
Step 3: cut down too size and sand till smooth.
Step 4: cut notch on the side of your handle where you want your blade make sure it is the length you want of blade.
Step 5: put in blade and put screw through the hole in which you removed the blade.
Step 6: add gorilla glue to all gaps and let dry.
Step 7: sand down imperfections.
Step 8: If you are ready to kick it up a notch drill a hole in the bottom so you can store matches and what not.
Step 9: find cap

I will show you how to make a sheath if I get enough likes! Thanks for reading!




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