Home Made Tripod



Introduction: Home Made Tripod

A tripod is very handy tool for camera or other works. we can build one very easily at home with no single money. here I will guide you to build one from some useless materials found easily around us.

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Step 1: Materials

Find some wood 1 cm thick. Better to use some strong wood such as rose wood. Here I am using rose wood because I have lots of it lying.
Find some screws. We will need six of them. Printers are good source of screws so find one.
Steel rods. Again get these from old printers. I am using the rods that I took from HP printer. Cut them in 12cm length. three in numbers.
Black coloured plastic pen. Get two pen.
Some nails. I used nails to attach rods to wood through plastic pen. you can use screws for it.
Black marker pen.
Some clear paint such as polyrethine.

Step 2: Tools

Tools are mostly available at home.
Screw driver.
Hand saw.
Sand paper 120no.
Paper knife.
C clamp to hold wood while cutting.

Step 3: Wood Work

1st Picture. make a 3cm radius circle on the wood. again draw 2cm circle at same center. Draw a radius line and divide 60 degree from there. That is 180 degree into three equal parts of 60 degree. Draw 5mm each side of the line outside of 2cm circle.
second picture. Draw 1 cm box on the second wood so that it can fit on the circular wood .cut 5cm length of three wood pieces. Cut all these and sand them properly.
Picture4_ Assemble all of them and drill for screws. You have to drill and screw very carefully because it can break.

Step 4: Rod Work

Cut the rod in12cm length. make it in three numbers. Cut the pen of 3cm length in 3 numbers. Now heat the plastic pen and insert the rod half the way. It will hold the with the wooden parts.
picture 3 rod with plastic pen inserted.

Step 5: Assemble Every Thing.

Paint the wooden parts and let it dry.
Place the rod leg on wooden leg and nail it or screw it. Make a hole in the center and place a but and bolt of your size. Now sit behind it and admire your work. Enjoy.

Step 6: Mounting Head

take 3cm wide and 6cm long aluminium plate.
bicycle brake liver mount
Two nut and bolt
make u shape of the plate and make three holes. one at top and two at both the side. Assemble all. look the picture.

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