Home Made USB Power Bank Very Low Price

Introduction: Home Made USB Power Bank Very Low Price

Welcome to HOME MADE STUFF today I am going to show you how to make a USB power bank at home firs what's are the components are we need it

Step 1: Components & Tools

Ok let see the what are components of used this project

L7805 5v Linear regulators -10
0.33uF Electrolytes capacitor -1
0.1 uF ceramic capacitor-1
N 4003 Diode -1
220 ohm resisters -1
Green led light-1
USB port -5
9v battery-15
battery adapter -5
Mini pub board -10

This component total price-55Rs

Ok next What are the tools are need

soldering iron
Wire cutter

Step 2: Temporarily Connection to All Wires

I am temporarily connecting all wiring you can see the all connections

This is 9v battery positive terminal and negative terminal the positive terminal connecting on/off switch then connect diode.

this diode one way only out going not incoming

then connect the 0.33uF capacitor positive lead to positive terminal and negative lead to connect negative terminal

capacitor positive lead connect to l7805 Regulator inlet pin Gun pin connect to negative terminal out put pin connecting a 0.1uf capacitor one lead another lead connect to negative terminal

Then capacitor positive terminal connect to 220ohm resister one lead another lead connect to LED positive Pin LED negative pin connect to negative terminal

The wiring is almost finished now we have a 5v positive and negative terminal hear

Then USB output pin connect properly positive and negative terminal

Step 3: Then Test It

Test is successful work

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