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About: hi, its zid, from kerala, India. i love the world of DIY-ers.. mostly work with electronics but recently i started using wood for my projects, for casing/housing mostly and I'm inlove ...

This is my favourite project, we use earphones almost everyday, a wooden earphone can be expensive to buy because they are stronger than plastic and they are natural and feels good to touch.

but the most important thing about wooden earphones is they sound better! If you love wooden earphones like me, you can make one yourself just like i did. you could buy a cheap looking earphone and convert it to a high quality looking one with wood.

and the audio sounds much better in wooden casing, the bass has improved and it's beautiful now, before it looked cheap with plastic housing and it's paint was fading. I'm no longer a fan of plastic earphones xD.

Let's start this project.

Step 1: Things You Need

• An earphone

• A few Wood

• A tool to make hole on the wood, use drill or a hand tool

• Sandpaper

• Small knife

• Pen ink tube ( yes a pen tube, it's hard to make a thin tube out of wood), pick one that is big enough for your earphone wires to fit

• Super glue

• Saw

• Soldering iron

• Tools to hold the wood when cutting - i didn't have such tool so i used a plier

• Wood Polish

Step 2: The Making

• Make hole on the 2 wood blocks with drill for the size of your earphone you use, disassemble the earphone and take it's lid and measure the hole size to fit into wood to glue .

• After the holes are made, saw around the hole and cut off the waste. use small handsaw. this can be a hard work for you if you don't have a tool to hold the wood.

Step 3: Sanding

• Sand the wood, as good as you can and as nice and round as you can. both woods should be in same size after sanding.

• Cut the front of the wood for the earphone lid to fit in, use the small knife that has thin blade.

• Cut a small piece of wood, just enough to close the back of the earphone housing.

• Glue it on, and sand any waste,make it shape and round.

• then make two small holes enough size for the pen tube to fit for earphone wires to pass through.

• and cut the tube for appropriate size that you need. then apply little glue in the hole and on the end of the tube. stick it inside the hole and hold until it hardens ,be careful, don't clog the tube with glue when apply it on tube.

• Now you can apply the wood Polish on.

Step 4: Finishing Project

• Now take the small earphone speakers off the old earphone, desolder the wires and put those wires through the tube of your new earphone. solder the wires on speakers, don't worry about wires polarity, it doesn't matter.

• Now glue the lid on your new wood earphones. let it harden.

and what you will have is a cool looking earphone of wood. xD.

These methods are what i used in the making of the earphone, you could use different methods, tools, shape that you want. use your imagination to plan a better looking one, I'm just letting you know it is not impossible to make one for us DIY people like me and you, you could get a cheap earphone and make a better looking housing off wood. the music sounds better and wood feels better to touch.

We should use as much as wooden products we can, or make them ourselves if possible. let's help nature

Step 5: Upcoming Project

Upcoming project, adding Next,Play,Prev music media button with mic on a wooden little box for Android headset.

We are able to make an earphone with wooden housing, now,soon we will be able to add these buttons on this project and it needs to look cool, so smart ideas needed.

i will instructable it after finishing this project, keep updated on my fb page


Update: the project completed, here is the link


Step 6:



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3 years ago

thank you for the useful info


3 years ago

I would offer the opinion that the polarity of wiring does matter. Drivers should be wired 'in phase' for best response, which means both drivers are moving in and out identically. Even with earbuds or headphones because the brain is sensitive to things out of phase. You can look up "Dolby Headphone Format" for an example of its importance.


3 years ago

Wow, nice work in hand sanding part, you made it round and smooth :) You can use a drill and a bolt with nuts to round out wood by sanding it while the drill turns :) Just put the drilled wood on the bolt, tighten it with the nut and attach it to the chuck of the drill, then start the drill and sand the turning wood, it will give you a perfect sanding :)

3 replies

Reply 3 years ago

that is a cool idea, thank you for sharing it mate, hand sanding not perfect and I'm saving up for a drill :)


Reply 3 years ago

You are welcome :) Instead of a drill, you can make a mini wood lathe like in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTHw15Hsj3U

I too am saving money for machines, but some of them can be made with simple items, or even scrap things. Just look around yourself :)


Reply 3 years ago

Thanks for the video, i think I'm gonna make that lathe haha, it's nice


3 years ago

The end result is very attractive.

I would like to see pictures of the process of disassembling your plastic earphones and how you put it all together in the new wooden housing.

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

thank you alcurb, the plastic earphone has already disassembled and the plastic housing is in trash can now as I'm no longer a plastic earphone fan. sorry i should have taken a few photos of the disassembling process of the plastic earphone, next time i make one, i will surely take pictures. putting it together is easy the small speaker size must be exact to fit inside the wood, then the lid will hold it tight after gluing.


3 years ago

thank you, i loved every second of working with this project :)