Home Made 'smoke Powder'

About: i am a 14 year old guy who just wants to share his ideas with the world

Hello this is my first insructable
I don't have any picture because my brother threw away the stuff I was using


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Step 1: Materials

You will need
Anything metal to keep the stuff on (I used the bottom of a soda can)

Step 2: Step 1

Crush the match heads in your metal container,the finer the better
There should be no wood
Keep the sticks we will use them later
I used about 10 match heads for a small smoke cloud

Step 3: Step 2

Remember the match sticks from the last step
Yeah you need to burn them now
Use a lighter or matches
After that gather the 'charcoal' and crush it in your metal object

Step 4: Step 3

Mix the 2 powders together

Step 5: BURN IT!!!!

It will make a smoke cloud

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    3 years ago

    You should make a new batch of this smoke powder so you can take pictures and update this Instructable.

    Other than that it is well written and easy to follow. Keep up the good work.