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Hello there, This is a simple instruction to swap out the regular AAA battery out of the phone and insert a lithium Ion battery to replace it.


Step 1: Finding a Left Over Battery and Charging Module


1. Lithium Battery with PCB protection (I used an old battery)

2. Charging Module ( I got it from Ebay)

3. Some wires and soldering iron

I used an old Cannon battery from digital camera as a power source. I took the orignal battery AAA and kept the casing from it and inserted the cannon battery without the casing and kept the charging pcb. I had two choice to chose from for the charging module, mini usb or micro usb. Using the micro usb version would be the best choice but it is not as robust as the mini usb and my parents will be using it and they have many products that are mini usb and not micro usb. I included a simple diagram just in case my explanation is not clear enough

Step 2: Conclusion

Charging module light indication

Blue charging

Red finish charging

This is a simple mod that works really well and the battery life is longer than the original battery and it charges faster than the original time for the old battery. I could have open the phone and integrated the charging module to make it look better.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This ible is great, I love it!
    But maybe you could mod the case and glue the charging module inside for a better finish. It could look like it was always a Li-ion phone. :D