Home Security System Using PIR Sensor With IoT

Hello Friends, This is Anto.. In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to make a simple home security system using the blynk app


I strongly suggest you to buy the components from UTSource.net. because in my experience, the quality of the products are good. and also ON TIME Delivery. If you need quality PCB, they will afford at low cost from double side to multilayer. No minimum requirement.

Materials Required:-

ESP 8266-01

PIR Sensor

ESP Breakout board

USB to TTL Converter

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Step 1: Login the Blynk App and Create the Project

Login with your email id and password

click new project

give a suitable name and select esp8266

click create

select the Add button on the top and click notification to place it on the screen

Step 2: Add the Blink Library to the Arduino IDE

In order to add the blynk library to the arduino IDE, i have given the full explanation on my another article..


please follow that and add the blynk library to the arduino IDE

Step 3: Copy the Token From Your Email and Paste It on the Attached Code

The program code is on the attachment, Download the code and open the code using arduino IDE, copy the token from your email and replace it on the code. download the code to the esp module using USB to TTL converter.

Step 4: Connect the Out of the PIR Sensor to the GPIO0 of the ESP

connect the OUT of the PIR sensor to the GPIO0 of the ESP module. so that the ESP will read the status of the PIR sensor...

connect +5v to the VCC of the PIR sensor and connect the GND to the GND.

Step 5: Run the Blynk App and Check the Notification

Run The Blynk App...

switch ON the hardware

Show some movement infront of the PIR sensor with your hand.

verify the the POP UP notification on the screen of the Mobile..


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