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Checkout this low cost and DIY Cardboard 2.1 Home Theater System (Transmission line System)

Items Required:
1. Cardboard and black chart paper
2. Cutter & Pen/Pencil
3. Glue
4. 2.1 Home Theater System Circuit Kit
5. Sub-Woofer and two small Speakers
6. Four Screws and nuts

I have used my old 2.1 sub woofer system.

Step 1: Making of Medium Level Acoustic Sound Chamber Base

I am used refrigerator cardboard package to build this whole sound system.

Step 2: Making Medium Level Acoustic Transmission Line

This step shows how I built transmission line System. Here I am designed like, to get different medium level acoustic sound within the cardboard chamber, the walls of the each passage is finished with 270GSM black chart sheets, so that walls of passage became more solid to reduce absorption of sound.

Step 3: Making High Level Acoustic Transmission Line

This steps shows making high level acoustic sound, here also the walls of the transmission/passage is finished with 270GSM black chart sheets. The size/lenghth of the transmission lines/passages are just an assumption

Step 4: Sub-Woofer Chamber

The woofer chamber are made up with five layered cardboard sheets (including outer covers), it reduces the vibration. Speaker mounted on four layered cardboard panel using screw and nuts.

Step 5: Making Outer Case of Sub-woofer and Transmission Line Chamber

The minimum thickness of the cases ( Transmission line, sub woofer cabinet ) are kept 20mm (3 layers of cardboard sheets). All over the sub woofer box has 5 layers of cardboard sheets, (Including 2 outer layers).

Step 6: Making Outer Case of Tower Speakers and Its Grills

Making of tower speaker chamber.The grils of each chamber made up of with same cardboard sheets, need to cut in sqare shape as shown in pic.

Step 7: Making Power Amp Chamber

I have used my old 2.1 sub woofer system for this project,

Step 8: Completed 2.1 Sub-woofer System

Completed cardboard home theater system for final modification.

Step 9: Final Cardboard Home Theater System

This is final output of the cardboard home theater system. The upper portion is modified with 270GSM black chart paper, and grils are painted with black water colour.

When I tested this the acoustic sound has not come as I assumed but can feel the slight acoustic audio output, It gives different sounds, I liked it .

Thank You :-)



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    7 Discussions


    Reply 1 year ago

    Hi Aravi, No its not giving result as normal MDF or wood made boxes, but it gives different feel than both MDF and wooden boxes, I liked that. Also sound output is lesser than MDF and Wooden box.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Is it durable I wanna make one like this. As it was re-enforced by glue will be steardy?


    Reply 1 year ago

    Ya it's steardy if you make more than three layers also need to past corrugated layers alternatively. And since it absorbs moisture easily, durability depends on it.


    1 year ago

    You made cardboard speakers and nailed it!! Awesome project! Any idea where you could get the parts though?

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Hi Jadem
    Circuit and Speakers I have used from my old Sub woofer system.