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Introduction: Home-built Garden Arbor

We wanted to have a small arbor for a garden entrance. We were looking for something made of wood, and fairly simple, with an Arts and Crafts or Craftsman style. However, the sturdy ones in the style we liked can be quite expensive ($200-$300 range, with some as much as >$1000), and the only ones we could find that were reasonably priced were either not to our tastes, or looked flimsy. Since the style we wanted was pretty easy to mimic, and the construction looked simple, we decided to build one ourselves. My estimate for how much it cost us in materials was a little over $100 (we already had the deck screws and the tools, or borrowed tools we didn't have). We built this in 2006, and after 5 years (with lots of rain and snow storms) it is still doing just fine!

We attached two wooden trellises to the sides. The hanging lantern came from a two-piece solar lantern set, and we attached it to the top cross pieces with wire.

This is part of the Share Your Garden Photo Contest, and the accompanying step-by-step instructable is here:
Build A Wooden Garden Arbor

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    Very nice work. This would make an excellent step by step instructable. In other words I'd like to know the dimensions so I could build one. Any chance?

    2 replies

    Here's the step-by-step instructable:


    Thanks! I am definitely planning on posting the step-by-step instructable soon, not as part of the contest. Briefly, it was about 5' wide and 7' high.