Home Built Longboard

custom maple deck with mahogany inlays

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Looks incredible! Nice job, kudos on the effort and overall win.
    What was the method of make? Laminating? Carving? I'm planning on making a longboard so I'm looking at different methods; what was yours?

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    Thanks man. it was a fun project and i'm proud of the outcome.
    I laminated, it has concave but no kick tail. the whole thing is made from scraps i collected while working at a saw mill. some might call it going green, i call it poor bot Ingenuity. so i guess it wasn't a usual method, more like making a skate out of a jigsaw puzzle. i glued thin scraps into panels then planed and sanded them as flat and thin as i could. i had the advantage of access to a fully loaded commercial wood shop. there's four layers just under 1/8". i made my press out of wood covered with wax so the board cant stick to the press. rub skate wax on it and set it in the sun till the wax melts and soaks in i did like three coats. i used C-clamps to provide pressure.


    Nice way for a longboarder to blow spare time...... build customs! or not just specifically longboarders;]


    Nice, I'm planning on sourcing some baltic birch and making a longboard of my own, hopefully it'll turn out ok!

    Hello,i am also into longboards and that kinds of stuff,i have also made a homemade longboard out of a plain skateboard deck and some tracker trucks and some wheels, i have picture and video of it,it is a lowrider,in the pictures and videos it is version 1 and 3, v2 is missing because it didnt do anything. please give back responce,thankyou.

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    how did u do the cut outs? just the same lengths and cut out with a saw? im trying to do this at the moment

     Hey knex, what does this ride like?  I've got a deck sitting around and I was thinking of doing something with it.  I like the cut out.  Very interested.  Thanks!

    hmmm,thats a good idea,ive' seen the dropthough teqnique before,like on some of the products at landyachtz.com. that does seem like a good idea though, ill try it out on one of my decks,and the board is about 2 and a half inches off the ground, it rides very smooth on the street and sidewalk,but sometimes the wheels get jammed on little tiny rocks, thanks for the advice.

    Quick question, what is the best way to go about making those mini wheel well things(dont know what they are called at the moment)? i am thinking of building a top mount but im not sure if there is a good way to do those. thanks!

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    I used an oscillating spindle sander. I clamped a triangular block of wood to the board to hold it at the right angle ( I think about 15 degrees from vert. ) and just cut the depth by eye until they looked the same. Line them up with the front mounting holes.

    Mike Whipplethebeef2

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, this one was my favorite for sure. The inlays are mahogany. the board is Maple. I did another one just like it with walnut inlays, that turned out pretty good too.

    I actually press my own using a DIMM press. I have a facebook group called Chillax Longboards. I am starting to sell on ebay and customs.