Home-grown Organic Turmeric & Ginger Update. Curcuma/gingembre Bio, Ca Pousse! Curcuma Y Jengibre Organicos 2 - Raíces Y Nuevos Brotes




Introduction: Home-grown Organic Turmeric & Ginger Update. Curcuma/gingembre Bio, Ca Pousse! Curcuma Y Jengibre Organicos 2 - Raíces Y Nuevos Brotes

I am passionate about organic farming and food. We have a small homestead or rather a forest gard...

The ginger rhizome is beginning to put out roots and the Summer planted turmeric shoots. I found last year, that the Chinese organic ginger was the easiest to grow in our climate but I am also on the look out for some organic galangal root too.

Le rhizome de gingembre est en train de s'enraciner et  le curcuma, planté en été dernier fait des pousses. J'ai trouvé l'année dernière, que le gingembre bio chinoise a été plus faciles à cultiver dans notre climat, mais je suis aussi à la recherche de quelque racine de galanga bio aussi.

El rizoma de jengibre está echando raíces y cúrcuma plantó el pasado verano está creciendo nuevos brotes. Me encontré el año pasado que el jengibre orgánico chino era más fácil de cultivar en nuestro clima, pero también estoy en busca de alguna raíz galangal orgánica también.



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    I am so sorry I didn't realize it was in English. Long day yesterday. Again my apologies.

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    step2 Hi there,

    No problem. I thought for a minute the video wasn't working and you thought that was all there was to it, so you did me a favour because sometimes these videos crash for no reason. Not so much on instructables but definitely on my blog! Luckily people do write sometimes and tell us! There are three films altogether and you need to start with this one

    https://www.instructables.com/id/Home-grown-Organic... I don't seem to have put the harvest one on but it is on my youtube site Pavlovafowl here:

    Thanks for writing back and have a great weekend and hope you get time to relax. We both left work 20 years ago to become happy peasants by the sea in France. It got so we were working round the clock in a lab with no windows or spending half the day in a traffic jam! if you need any more info on growing turmeric like this, please do get back to me either here or on youtube.

    All the very best, Sue


    Would be nice if this was in English so we all could benefit from the instructable.

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    Hi step2 It is in English! You need to watch the film, that is the instructable. The Spanish and French above are just translations of the short piece in English, they introduce the film. I am living in France and have quite a number of French subs and also Spanish, so I provide the trilingual introduction because most people have a translation package for when they watch the film. I have also been asked to provide intertitles for the same reason. Percentage-wise there are more Spanish speakers in the World than English ones so it makes sense to share information with as many people as possible. This film is an update to 'Home-grown Organic Ginger and Turmeric', which goes into detail of how I started the plants off and there is a third film on the harvest. All the best, Pavlovafowl aka Sue