Home Improvement of a Old Home Part 1 (prevent Condensation or Sweating)

started living in old 100 + Years old house last owner had made some improvement but this house is still lacking. Insulating exposed copper pipes in basement to prevent condensation or sweating .is supposed to  save  a buck or 2 in energy consumption be it gas or electric water heater  sow  went to my local hard ward store  for sum-ting else and saw that the pipe installation was on special for like a $1.20  got 5 piece and had enough to insulate my basement

Step 1:

-Measuring tape
-Duck tape

-Pipe insulation

Step 2:

measuring pipes  to disinterment how meany pieces of  insulation you will have to get

Step 3:

place insulation around pipe fit cut and tape simes  rinse and repeat until all pipes covered

Step 4:

In conclusion  i may of not saved on my engine bill but  it stop the sweating and condensation  on pipes as well as shortening the time it takes to get hot water



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    true. that. depending the heater system have u can look up enigeer775 on youtube 4 other ideas