Home-made Deluxe Insect Hotel From Repurposed Wood. Hotel a Insectes - De Luxe. Hotel De Insectos.

About: I am an escapee from modern life, now living by the sea in a forest garden in France. After over 20 years industrial experience, I quit my managerial position to study for a degree in Engineering. That done ...

Everything for the discerning arthropod, this simple, elegant and fun to make large insect hotel, using pallet wood with foraged interiors. Step-by-step instruction with alternative roof structure for those not wishing to use a circular or band saw.. Would make a great holiday project to do with kids and also an imaginative present.
Public Domain Musical Link: from GreenEarthForever - Nowick Gray and Eugene Neptune, the Internet Archive: http://archive.org/details/Nimba
Hôtel de luxe à insectes en bois à palettes. Simple, élégant, amusant à faire et pour les arthropodes de bon jugement. Des instructions détaillées et avec une structure de toiture alternative pour ceux qui ne souhaitent pas utiliser une scie circulaire ou scie à ruban.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great use of wood and garden debris to make a beautiful fall decoration! Did you have the experience of insects populating these hotels?

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    Thanks for your comments, much appreciated. The small one we have over the hen house has some of the holes blocked up for Winter but we are nor sure what is in them. A fellow-youtuber Dale Calder actually bought a small hotel but with bamboo tubes exactly like the ones in ours and he has a video of bees (leaf cutters) actually making the doors. We only started these larger designs just this month so it will be really interesting to see what goes in them. We tried to make plenty of habitats to get the maximum choice. Hope you will make some for your garden - the small ones make great presents too. We made about 15 last Christmas! Best Wishes from France, Organikmechanic aka Andy