Home-made "Gladiator"




Introduction: Home-made "Gladiator"

At first I was just looking a way to make some simple way to do more exercises at once, but it turned out like this :D

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

some 4mm sheet steel
20mm steel rod 
0.5mm up to 4mm sheet steel 
heavy duty ball bearing 
5.5m steel cable 
some long screws 
steel thingy aka. cable clamp 

welding machine
drill bits 

Step 2: Face of the Place

You must find some place that is high enough for the main part to be secured. Main reason for hight is range of exercises you could or couldn't do. If you have long arms like I do, you won't be able to do all the exercises. I choose wooden beam in my shed. 

Step 3: Main Part

First cut the rod on desired length
place bearing on the middle
weld it
then, and this is important, place two sheet steel pieces on both sides of bearing. as close as possible, without compromising it's free spinning. if you don't do this the cable will slide off the bearing. 
weld those two pieces on the rod.
cut two main pieces which will will carry the rod, and everything actually 
drill one hole through which the rod will go, and two small ones through the screws will go.
 those screws will hold rod secured to the beam 

Step 4: Handle

The handle is very simple
it's steel pipe from some chair (don't ask) 
put the cable through it and clamp it with that steel thingy 
as you lift weights the cable will tighten itself 

you can also make a different handle, which enables you to do even more exercises
as shown on photos below 
and you don't need to remove first handle, you just move it to the side 

Step 5: Weight Part

On this side of cable you put carabiner so you can put all kind of different weights on your "Gladiator"
you should also take care how tight you clamp the cable
don't feel sorry for it, TIGHTEN IT
you don't want 20kn weight falling freely from couple of meters 

Step 6: Weights and Warnings

I made my weights from some concrete and steel rods
first, be VERY careful when working with steel cable, it can split, and very thin steel wire will stab you
second, test it, after assembly put some 5kg weight and see if it holds, and gradually increase weight 
welding and grinding produces very hot pieces of steel... be careful, not like me :/

Be creative, there is allot of different exercises which you can do on this

Have fun working out :)

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    2 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    When your using "steel thingies" or cable clamps, you should always use at least 3 and alternate them on the cable (2 point one way, one the other) You can also use a piece of 2-4 inch long tubing that the cable fits tightly inside when doubled and smash it flat with a hammer. Nice "ible" and a great homemade piece of exercise equipment


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    tnx for the update ;)
    I know i should be using more, but that was all I had at home, and couldn't get more any time soon, so i decided to just test it. I put more later on :)