Home-made Hen-Heated Seed Propagator - Alternative Henergy. Mini-serre Chauff�e � La Volaille




About: I live in a forest garden by the sea in an old Celtic longhouse in the Baie de Mont Saint Michel, France. Before I escaped and became a happy peasant, I had three jobs and one half day a week in which to be ...

How to keep seeds and cuttings warm at night. When you open your Hen house door in the morning you can't fail to miss the amount of heat generated by your flock overnight. Now you can put that heat to use. Preliminary tests give me an increase of 2 degrees Celsius per two quail. I now intend to go on to test two bantam broodies and also a combination of quail and broody.
Music from The Dongas Tribe - The Lark in the Morning http://www.archive.org/details/rainy_night_in_the_bell_tent
also their blog: http://soundsfromthespring.blogspot.fr
Comment garder des semences et des boutures au chaud la nuit. Le matin, quand vous ouvrez la porte du poulailler, vous ne pouvez pas ne pas ignorer la quantité de chaleur générée par vos poules pendant la nuit. Maintenant vous pouvez utiliser cette chaleur. Des tests préliminaires de me donner une augmentation de 2 degrés Celsius par deux cailles. J'ai maintenant l'intention de tester deux poules naines couveuse et aussi une combinaison d'une poule naine couveuse et deux cailles.

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    7 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very cost effective!

    Here, my quails like Lettuce also.

    Until now, I have been trying to breed a pair of hen at 1m x 3m area, but when a chick grow up to be a hen, exercise space may not necessary.

    If I can keep hen in a small soft cage, their warm temperature may become a kind of henergy.:-)

    I have interests about efficient cleaning of Poultry manure.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    A great old fashoined idea remembered here. I have thought of some way of keeping seed trays warm without apying for powere or lighting heaters up.

    Now that I have seen this, it takes me back a half a life time ago, when I had to drive a magician through the night to meet a schedule th next morning. We had to dash off after his show, and he asked me to help pack his birds and animals away in a large box. The rabbits went on the bottom, and then a couple of bantams, and on top of them went doves, and so on until we had the mice and canaries on the top story of the multi floored box. The heat from the larger animals kept the tiny ones at the top quite warm.

    Great music as well.

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    What a brilliant story! It just shows that nothing is really brand new just built upon knowledge that has gone before. The Longhouse we live in is over 200 years old, the animals and people lived within the same building back then, with alternate animal and human dwellings joined together for warmth. In the 19th Century our home was converted to a 'relais de poste', where people changed horses and/or carriages and at that period the postilions slept in lofts above the stables. With a need to look for alternative energies I reckon all this knowledge will be most useful! Thanks for sharing your great memory and Best Wishes from Basse-Normandie, Pavlovafowl aka Sue


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Cool idea and nice video! I could however go for slightly less..cheery? repetitive? music. Just my preference, great job nonetheless : ) Thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for your comments, much appreciated. Hope you get a chance to make one! I am really pleased with those seeds I started in there on Saturday.

    I'm sort of into the holistic approach when it comes to music. The Dongas Tribe are a group of minstrel-like nomadic musicians who use many rare, interesting ,old instruments and play many different forms of music including Irish Traditional such as "The Lark", which has its root in the 17th Century. The Musicians very kindly put their music in the Public Domain so that anyone may listen to it and download it at the Internet Archive. They are also active in all kinds of environmental work and give free concerts and play music in all parts of Europe. Personally I love their music - it has the raw low-tech appeal, which suits my work, this piece was recorded in a tent, in the rain, in Cornwall!

    I'm by decent part Irish and live in France near the Breton Border so I hear this kind of music very often, as well as having it in my blood, as it were. That said everything is a matter of personal taste!

    Thanks for watching and Best Wishes from Pavlovafowl aka Sue

    Thank-you for your comments, much appreciated. My lemon basil and lettuce are already up and in their first pair of leaves, I planted them on Saturday. I've also got two broody hens sitting Cochin eggs, so one of them, "Snow White" is in there during the day but with the top off, so she is just heating the seeds at night with my quail Tweedle Dee on the other side. They are doing a great job!