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Introduction: Homemade Target Shooting Paintball Gun

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A single shot paintball gun I made using PVC plumbing parts.
Extremely powerful I shot a home-made hot glue gun cartridge at my garage door at 100 psi, it dented it so much the paint on the other side of the door fell off, great fun.

How It Works:
it works by building up pressure in a PVC chamber using a bike pump this pressure is held back by a ball valve attached to the trigger mechanism, when the ball is opened the pressure will be forced down the barrel pushing (at high speeds) the projectile out of the barrel with it.

How The Trigger Mechanism Works:
The Trigger and spring mechanism. it works like this: the bolt is attached to a spring, when the bolt is pulled all the way back to the trigger block it locks on to it so the sear is holding the pressure of the spring, when the trigger block is pulled down by pulling the trigger it unlocks the bolt which goes shooting forwards pulling the ball valve lever (attached to the bolt by a spring) forward quickly opening the valve causing the gun to fire.

Oh yeah one more thing the photos are shown without the bolt or ball valve string this is to prevent the springs from becoming over stretched.

got the idea off this video on youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pA8VSM9R4nY&feature=related



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    i`ve made fire extinguisher air gun sends thing out of site pretty much at 125 psi but in pressure

    It depends on the psi. The higher psi in the tank, the more air rushing out when the trigger is pulled.

    A private-message on here would probably be faster, ask away, what do you want to know?

    Um well woundering if you could send me the details and every thing to my email so I could mAke that please

    I'm going to be honest, this was made long before I grasped the concept of properly documenting my projects, beyond what you see there in the pictures there is honestly very little extra I can show you, if you understand how it works theoretically that is the only starting point you need.

    Once you understand how it works, go down to your local DIY store, and see what they have available, you will want a ball valve, some tube, a bike valve and some endcaps, piece the bits together get the basic pressure holding components working, (plenty of instructions on the internet to show you how to do this) then you can start working on the other parts like the trigger mechanism and the stock, which you can make to your own liking, I suggest for a beginner try to make the stock out of some of the scrap tube like I did in my refined version of this, see:


    This one turned out much sturdier and more comfortable than the glorified wooden box I had for the one on this page.

    Hope that helps

    I know your posted question is a year ago but I see it was never answered. Your not a "bit blond", he is just not the best communicator. (we all have our faults, including me!) After study of his drawings I couldn't see it working as displayed. Then I looked at his text and it all became clear. He says that he left the ball valve & stuff out of the drawing because of blah blah, etc. In it's most basic form, this is simply a pressurized container where pressure is contained by a ball valve in closed position. Releasing the pressure by hand to shoot would cause jerking and is too slow. To get around this, a spring is hooked to the lever to assist the opening of ball valve. When spring tension is put on the ball valve lever, the trigger blocks the lever from moving and keeps the valve closed. When trigger is pulled, it releases the valve lever thereby allowing spring tension to pull the ball valve open quickly and without jerking! This setup releases all air when shot making it necessary to recock the lever, (making sure the trigger is holding lever closed). Projectile/bullet is then muzzle loaded into barrel followed by pumping the resevoir to desired pressure again for every shot. Pretty dog gone slow but it works.

    Clear as mud?

    how much fps

    Is the stock completely hollow? And if not what tools did you use? If it is hollow have you had any problems whith it?

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    Yup, the stock is hollow as the picture suggests, although I did make a mounting for the chamber when I came to making the actual thing, as it seemed a bit fragile just sitting in the stock on it's own.
    As far as tools and problems are concerned, the only tools I used were a wood saw, a keyhole saw, a drill and a bit of wood glue and screws, the gun itself had no problems in functioning and it would have lasted years and years, although for ease of use (it was a bit big, and impractical to hold and fire) and aesthetic reasons I decided to remake the gun, instead modelling the stock from cast PVC, some pictures can be found here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Steampunk-Paintball-Gun/
    Hope that helps.


    You can get the schrader valve off most to all bike inner tubes, i mutilated an old racing bike inner tube to get mine. The PVC pipe on the other hand does not have a specific length i just cut all the bits to how big i thought would be the best compromise between length and practicality, a size that seemed right to me. the barrel piece is about 1m long (it was really quite a long barrel), the two bends - standard length, and the pressure chamber - about 20cm. all in all quite a big gun.

    nice layout but I dont know if you will want to pump up each time you use it or if it will propel as good as even a cheap $20 pump paintball gun

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    In my opinion using a pump is not really a flaw, but I don't care about it much, it is more of a target shooting gun.
    the accuracy on the other hand is great, it can fire about 20 meters accurately with only a 1/2 a foot spread in the shots. much better than most paintball guns iv'e ever used.