Home Made Pellet Ammo




This instruction will show you how to make ammo for a pellet rifle with cotton tips and tooth picks. Keep in mind that these don't always work perfectly, but for me they work most of the time.


Step 1: Things You Need.

You'll need:

A scissor

Some cotton tips

Some tooth picks

Step 2: Starting

First: Take the cotton tips and the tooth picks and cut them in half.

Then put the half tooth pick in the cotton tip like shown on the picture.

Keep in mind that some tooth picks are smaller than the others. The picks should be thick enough that you need to force it a little in to the cotton tip.

Step 3: Loading & Shooting

This is the fun part...The shooting... Sorry that I can't get you images. They got erased.

Load by putting in the sharp part first and make shore that the "pellet" is completely in the barrel and that no cotton is sticking out on the sides. Then shoot at a none living target.

If you have the right kind of tooth picks and cotton tips then you can shoot with these four or five times.

Remember to not shoot at any living thing cause if these hit in the right spots than they can be deadly!



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    an alternative that maybe more deadly than that just get a nail and paper or plastic q tips and a small nail cut the q tip in half and tape it to the q tip it works great (u dont have to put the nail inside the q tip or on the side of it )

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Introduction

    It is the same ammo I use in my mini spud gun. I works perfectly in shooting wooden target see my account here. (note: there is a video link too to prove it)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i shot a frog these are well good it got stuck to the floor i made it with a skewer though